Bloody hell.

April 30, 2007

This term is hard. After what happened last year, I’m finding it really tough at the moment. Nick is trying his hardest, bless him, but I keep taking it all out on him. Need to calm down and relax but I’m so scared of failing or a repeat of what happened. It’s only now I’m sensing that I did no work last year and so have 2 years of stuff to learn. Ah well, will keep at it, just have to see how it goes.


My neck hurts

April 19, 2007

This is because at midnight last night I was lying on the floor of the Corn Exchange holding some poor girls head completely still. The floor was uncomfortable and given the number of drinks spilt there, not particulatly pleasant. I should explain that I was on duty at this point and the girl in question had attempted to crowd surf and failed in a fairly dramatic fashion. So, one ?spinal injury and a long wait for an ambulance as it battled with the crowds outside. We’d only just got rid of the last ambulance… It was a long night.

Still, I did get to meet Trivium (heavy metal type band thing). This would have been more signigicant had I heard of them before. They were certainly loud, I can say that for them. To their credit they were actually really nice. They seemed genuinely concerned about what had happened, and felt really guilty about it.

Cradle of Filth in a weeks time who are supposed to be even worse. Wonder if I’ll get to meet them? I doubt they’ll impress me either.