Who said anything about work?

August 9, 2007

I’m watching tv on my computer and colouring in. It is technical colouring in but I do feel like I’m cheating. I made an even prettier picture and now I have to interpret it which means colouring different parts different colours. I don’t even have to stay within the lines since the lines are wherever I want them to be.

Spent a great weekend in Cambridge for Sarah’s birthday. It was so nice to actually stay in our room with a double bed. All that space! The shed was tidied so now we have a bar complete with fridge and carpeted floor! How many other two bedroom houses do you reckon have a detatched bar? Got very drunk on Saturday and much sillyness followed. Next year should be fun…


A real job

August 1, 2007

It seems I’m not much good at this whole blog thing since I don’t ever actually write anything. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll get over it. So, what am I doing? Working for bp as a geoscience intern, looking at seismics. This is fun. Especially since I have 2 24″ monitors to play with, a 16Gb computer and free lunch every day. Can’t say fairer than that.

And the main change in my life, I’ve quit uni. I decided it wasn’t worth putting myself through hell again for a MSci. I’ll graduate BA (Cantab) and that’ll do for me. This screws stuff up some what since now I have to find something elso to do next year. Watch this space (or not…). The other problem is that this makes it seriously unlikely I’ll get a real job with BP. They don’t generally take people who’ve only done 3 years.  So there goes the grand plan.


Still I might as well enjoy this while I can (and the money’s good).  I’m makng lots of pretty pictures which I’m probably not allowed to show so I won’t lest I mess my chances up totally. Everything else will probably work itself out but if anyone knows of any good, well paid jobs in or near Cambridge let me know…