The system has failed.

I saw the hospital psych. I said I am unsafe. He said go home, see your GP.

I saw the out of hours doctor. I said I am unsafe. He said go home, see your GP.

I saw my GP. I said I am unsafe. He said go home.


5 Responses to The system has failed.

  1. loopykate says:

    Hi – I read your earlier posts. That was one helluvan ordeal you just went through. I can’t believe they have been so dismissive and unhelpful.I mean for Christ’s sake – what do you have to do to get help these days? – Swing from the steeple naked, setting fire to yourself and declaring yourself the new messiah?? Even then they’d probably tap you on the wrist and send you home.
    I had a simularly apathetic response from the police several years ago when I was being stalked by a guy who kept prowling my house, making threatening phone calls & throwing things at my windows. They just kept telling me to stop wasting their time. It took a break-in and him putting me in hospital for them to actually get off their arses (and even then it was minimal effort).
    Last time I saw my doctor and told her I’d take a triple dose of zopiclone with half a bottle of vodka in an attempt to shut my head up and get some sleep, she just stared blandly through me. Ok, I wasn’t trying to kill myself but the point I wanted to get across was that the insomnia was so intolerable and the medication/lack of they had given me wasn’t helping at all. I half expected her to suggest I tried chamomile tea (I’ve had that one from docs before) but she just said ‘Oh well you’re well educated. You know your symptoms and how to manage them’.
    Eh? Would I have dragged myself into the surgery if I really believed I was fine and in control?
    You make the point I think I made in an earlier post – if you look clean, aren’t dribbling and can talk coherently, they just assume you are OK. Even when you insist that you are not.
    I think next time I go, if I can swallow some pride, I might soak my clothes over night in meths, rub dirt into my face and effect a tic/speech impediment/funny walk.
    Yes the system really has failed you. I can’t believe they have been that indifferent. I thought it was bad here – but not THAT bad.
    Sometimes I think you have to make a lot of noise and fuss. I have friends whose ‘mental’ problems I regard as far less severe or less frequent than mine but they kick off so much they end up with free therapy, home visits, disability money and more. But how much more dramatic than drugging yourself into a coma and winding up on a ward with drips in your arm?
    It really is a disgrace.
    I hope when your strength has returned you make a big fat complaint. Write to you trust/practise manager, MP – whoever. I feel so cross about your treatment, I almost want to draft the letters for you! I’m useless when it comes to fighting my own battles but I’ll go in like a bull on behalf of someone else!
    I really am shocked and appalled!
    Well, i hope you’re beginning to feel a little better. Don’t let them get away with this ineptitude!
    Oh, and thanks for your comment just now – always nice to have a new visitor!

  2. Chapati says:


  3. Chapati says:

    (sorry I couldn’t think of anything more helpful to say than that)

  4. Im going to read you blog from the beginning and see what I an established psychiatrist and a Section 12 approved doctor can come up with from your writings…

  5. […] I do sometimes take pride in this country: The NHS for one is, despite some pretty major failings (especially with regards to mental health), something we can be genuinely proud of (and something we should fight to keep hold of!). The […]

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