Just to let you all know I’m still out here on the off chance that anyone cares. I’m avoiding posting as I feel I have to be positive in them which would just be a lie. I don’t want to be seen as a whinger with made up problems blogging about how much their life sucks when there’s people out there actually suffering. Now I’m sounding like my mum with the ‘what right do i have to be depressed’ line. As I said in the last post, it’s just me reading too much into what people who read this think and being too afraid of being judged. So why blog online at all? I don’t know. I enjoy it but now I’m too afraid to. WHat sort of person does that make me?


4 Responses to Holding.

  1. Chapati says:

    Still here – and you can blog what you like! You never know, maybe it’ll help you work out why you’re feeling the way you are!

    By the way, just because people may be worse off than you doesn’t make your problems any less significant or less stressful.

    Hugs and here for you 🙂

  2. aims says:

    Chapati has said everything I was going to say.

    So I’m going to say – ditto.

  3. Karita says:

    Newbie here. I go through these thoughts at times too, where I feel I have no right to be depressed, and should just stop whining. And where I am afraid of anyone reading what I write on my bog in case they criticise me or judge me. 😦

    You should just blog when you feel comfortable doing so. A break can do us good.

  4. “What sort of person does that make me?”



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