And back to normal…

I have my first interview for nursing tomorrow afternoon and it’s occurred to me that in all the recent stress and upset I haven’t even remotely prepared for it. On paper I massively exceed the entry requirements, but in practice it may turn out very different. I’m sure I’ll be able to answer all the standard “why do you want to be a nurse” type questions to some degree but other than that I don’t really know what to expect.

And even if I get an offer, I still have to clear the major hurdle of occy health. I’m starting to wonder if I should even bother. If St John won’t let me do advanced training, that’s only a couple of weekends and in a voluntary capacity, why are the NHS and unis going to let me lose on a 3 year degree with real people? And there’s a part of me thinks that if I’m going to be disappointed at the last hurdle, then why bother at all. At least that way I’d be letting myself down on my terms rather than having what I want snatched away again.

Of course by then I should have had some therapy but I’m really beginning to doubt myself. All the psychiatrists I’ve seen think there should be no barrier to me doing nursing, but all the occy health advisors seem to disagree. In a few weeks I have my assessment appointment with shiny, private therapy place which should lead on to talky therapy. I’m hoping from this I’ll come away with some definitive answers as well as a report that says I’m stable enough to do the course. But even with that, will occy health listen? I have to say I’m sceptical.

This is all in the future anyway. I need to get in first before starting to consider how to tackle the occy health devils.


2 Responses to And back to normal…

  1. aims says:

    This time around – when they ask you about your mental health – say ——

    I’m going through a bout of depression at the moment – but don’t we all?

    Because that’s the truth. Everyone does. You could add – I think I could use this experience to help others. Because you definitely can and would be a far better nurse than someone who has never experienced it to the degree that you have.

    My fingers – toes – hair – eyes – everything crossed for you girl. You know I’m thinking about you over here.

    btw – very cute puppies!

  2. Just to wish you luck. You’ll pass the interview with flying colours. Oh and for the record your mental health won’t come up in the interview unless you bring it up – they aren’t allowed to ask since it’s Occy Health’s business not there’s.

    And yes if you have a letter from a psychiatrist saying you are stable Occy Health should take that into consideration.

    Good luck,

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