Ana does an honest days work for once!

I actually did something useful and earned some money while doing so! I know, I can barely believe it myself. Borig, self-congratualtory post ahead – you have been warned!

As part of my habit of accumulating useless qualifications, I completed a City and Guilds 7303 Course – Preparing to teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector. Basically, this means I’m qualified to teach adult education classes, and along with my FAW (first aid at work) certificate, means I can train First Aid. It’s actually something I really enjoy. I have a passion for the subject and a genuine belief that it’s something everyone should know. If I had my way, I’d make it a cumpulsory part of the National Curriculum, but then children may actually learn something useful at school and we couldn’t possibly have that…

I’ve only ever used the qualification to train voluntarily which is good but doesn’t really pay the bills. So, about a month ago, in a flash of inspiration I spammed a load of local first aid training providers with my CV. I fully expected to hear nothing, but two companies actually got back to me and wanted to use me. And unlike the NHS or SJA, require no health declarations whatsoever. Yay!  One wants to use me for assessments and is taking it really slowly and making me observe lots first, which is fine but again doesn’t pay.

The other has just thrown me straight in there training a 2 day FAW refresher course. So today I went from my usual habit of doing absolutely nothing to spending 7 hours explaining CPR, bleeding, bones and other joys to 10 people. I am completely knackered but really, really proud of myself. Given I am a shy person, who refuses to make phone calls and prefers sitting in silence to having to actually make conversation, to stand up in front of that many people and keep their attention for a whole day is a phenomenal achievement. I know I sound like I’m showing off and to be honest I am but it’s so rare of late for me to actually achieve and even better enjoy something.

Tomorrow morning’s the last part of the course and then the assessor is coming to test them in the afternoon. I really hope they all pass and more importantly, I hope they give me good feedback on the comments forms. To be honest, it’s quite hard to fail but the feedback is so important to me. For a start, it will give me a major confidence boost to feel I’m good at something and secondly there’s a chance of more work if I can impress the bloke in charge.

I felt it went OK. People were getting quite bored and distracted towards the end, but I’m trying to convince myself anyone would be like that after sitting through an all day course. I also know I talk a lot and tend to intersperse a lot of random semi-relevant anecdotes throughout my training.  I’ve just got my fingers crossed I din’t put them off completely. But wow, am I knackered now. I forgot how hard it is to spend all day on your feet . I feel it may be a night for takeaway!


7 Responses to Ana does an honest days work for once!

  1. Chapati says:

    Thats really cool Ani 🙂

    I’m doing that course in August (provided London get round to filling out the paperwork to put me on it…don’t get me started on SJA paperwork) and really looking forward to it because I love teaching too.

    I forget sometimes that not everyone knows the basic life skills. You’re right, it really should be taught in schools, perhaps instead of some of that PSR rubbish!

  2. It doesn’t sound like showing off at all. It’s great to hear, and will look fantastic on your CV.

    I did my SJA 3 cross award when I was in primary school (long since out of date), I didn’t realise that this was uncommon til I started nurse training and realised that most people had had no experience whatsoever.

    Take care,

  3. Lola Snow says:

    That is such a brilliant achievement Ana, you SHOULD be proud. I’m quite good at putting up a confident front, but I’d be terrified of doing somthing like that. Good for you, perhaps this is an avenue you can take further?

    Lola x

  4. anickdaler says:

    Thanks everyone 🙂 Finished the course this morning and am pretty pleased with the feedback, just waiting to hear if they all passed now.

  5. aims says:

    Wow! I’m impressed!

    We had a girl come in and teach our white water rafting guides their CPR. She included training on how to help during a birth. My brother said it was the first time he had ever had that during any of his refresher courses. He was impressed.

    Good for you girl. Am interested in learning what they said about you.

  6. loopykate says:

    Well done! I too did PTLS and a few other modules in Post-compulsory ed. They’re not actually that useless – have kept me in a teaching job for a few years now. The First Aid training sounds fab and I’m really impressed by your initiative in putting yourself out there (something I’m crap at). it’s worth persevering with the things you love doing even if you’re not financially benefitting much at the moment. Simularly I’m doing the CAB work – even though half my friends trhink I’m insane for working for nowt! The taining is brilliant and the confidence it should give me in dealing with all types of people in all mannner of situations will be invaluable. I really hope this opens some doors for you – it sounds as if you have a vocation!
    Oh, and by the way I realised I hadn’t added you to my blogroll. I will rectify that toute-suite!

  7. Mary says:

    Well bloody hell Ana that’s brilliant! Its really tough standing in front of people and talking all day – I know what you mean about wondering if you’re going on too much, but I bet you didn’t. I’ve done a fair bit of training now, but usually only for half a day, and that knackers me. You should give yourself a huge hug and pat on the back and be really pleased with yourself – I’m so proud of you. Hope you bought yourself something good with the money!
    Love Mxxx

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