How do you even begin to cope when everything you wanted to do has been taken away from you?

If the things you had faith in have been destroyed and if you see no future?

If optimism and positivity just make the diappointments harder to bear?

If you see yourself as an evil and pointless burden on society?

If there’s no way it will ever improve?

What then?


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  1. Chapati says:

    You have to have faith that things WILL improve. There are always moments, which unfortunately sometimes last a long time, where everything seems bleak. But they go away eventually. Till then distract yourself by taking up a random project you’ll enjoy – make some jewellry, write a book, clean up the river..whatever takes your fancy. You never know…you could find something you really enjoy in the process!

  2. Chris Rigby says:

    seriusly dnt listen 2 chapati she has no idea wot shes tkin bout

    pull urself 2gether girl, lyfe aint dat bad nd no1 really cares wot ur goin on bout. u got food nd a house nd if u cnt do nursin jus do sumfin else nd stop usin nick in anger if u dnt lyke him leave him alone

  3. aims says:

    It will improve. It will.

    Please please please do NOT believe them when they say you will always be like this. They want you to always be like this because it puts money in their pocket.

    When in fact you do improve! I’m proof of that. I swore I would prove them wrong and I have.

    Do what Chapati says – distract yourself. Even if it is just going for a walk and looking around you at the world. There is beauty everywhere. Birds – green (here it’s very white) – animals.

    It will get better. It will. I promise.

  4. Chapati says:

    Yeah, to add to that – it may feel like all you’re doing is a short term patch up of your feelings, it may seem like that is a completely pointless waste of time but least it will prevent you from brooding for a while. Brooding is exhausting. Really exhausting. And stopping yourself from doing so will help even if it doesn’t seem like it. They say time’s a healer, and the cliche really is true at times!

  5. Lola Snow says:

    You grieve. You are allowed to grieve over this Ana. Life lessons suck big time, it’s NOT fair. My mental illness has cost me my career, several friends, my health and god only knows what else. But you CAN come back from it. Where you are right now is a horrible place, but it WILL get better. We adapt. It’s a long process, and not a pleasant one, but you can get through this Ana. A year ago I thought my life was over, now I realise that it just needs a change of direction. You can find another angle to come at. All is never lost. But it’s ok to feel like it is.

    Lola x

  6. Chris Rigby says:

    Hey ana

    For the record, as has been mentioned by others, that wasn’t me. I rarely read your blog, but believe me, what i have read, i like. Also, i assure you i’m not stupid enough to bully someone who’s boyfriend has all my contact details! Would you or nick (in the circumstances, probably nick)drop me an email some time? Hope you’re ok

  7. anickdaler says:

    Don’t worry Chris, didn’t really think it was you for more than a fraction of a second. I just can’t understand why someone would bother reading what I’ve written, impersonating someone who has only commented once before and then writing something meaningless and nasty. Most odd…

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