CMHT response

So, CMHT phoned me back this morning. This is the conversation, the normal bits are what I actually said and the bits in italics are what I wanted to say and probably should have said.

CMHT: We’ve had our meeting and decided that your needs are better met by psychotherapy. We can’t offer this, but you have your private referral so you should just access that instead.

Me: Right

So, I spent an hour telling you my innermost secrets for nothing. We’ll ignore the fact that your leaflet says that you have a clinical psychologist on your team and that I explained how terrible I feel about going private, which I can ill afford anyway.

CMHT: You have the mental health crisis number if you need it.

Me: Yes

I lost the number post hospital and even if I had it, I am a complete phone phobic. I wouldn’t make the call if my life depended on it.

CMHT: If you feel suicidal go to A+E.

Me: Last time I went to A+E, I got told I probably wasn’t ill, shouldn’t be on medication and got sent home.

My boyfriend had to fight to get the on-call psych to see me, and when she did, all she offered was a referral to CMHT which you promptly ignored. And besides, if I went to A+E every time I felt suicidal, I’d have to take up permanent residence there. Sure they’d love that, I’ll tell them you sent me.

CMHT: Thanks for your time, hope the private therapy helps.

Me: Thanks. Bye.

You lot are less use than a chocolate teapot. Why don’t you just be honest and say you won’t see me because I may be getting help elsewhere and it saves you a couple of quid. Bastards.

Useful or what? That was a waste of my Monday wasn’t it. I will add it to my long list of assessment appintment s with no help offered. Right, better go, am off to private referral. It can’t go any worse, can it?


2 Responses to CMHT response

  1. Lola Snow says:

    Oh Ana, I’m so sorry they turned out be useless. It does make me wonder what support services do? I mean all this support and I am yet to find anyone who has access to it. It seems like anything which can’t be subdued with a handful of seroquel or a cup or tea gets buck passed to someone else to deal with. Or maybe the people who can access support don’t feel the need to blog about the crappiness of the system.

    It can’t be right to not help people that are ill. That’s what is boils down to isn’t it? If you had a broken wrist and they didn’t have an x-ray machine they wouldn’t just hold their hands up and say “Oh gee sorry about that, can’t help ya”

    I hope your private referral thing goes better

    Lola x

  2. aims says:

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding! What kind of mental health service is that?

    Here’s what I think from way over here.

    Your mental health system needs to be blown out of the universe. I’m thinking there’s an incredible story here – one that someone would be very interested in exposing.

    I know you don’t have that in you but boyokelly – what an expose it could be!

    I’m madder than hell – can you tell? I somehow missed the previous post and so I read both together and sat here with my mouth hanging open and then the swearing started.

    I really hope to be productive with my comments to you but right at the moment I fear I am just too angry to do so.

    At least you know I’m stomping around here for you Ana. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

    I’m afraid what will happen with the private referral thing – whatever that is. I know I’ll read what happens with much trepidation.

    Okay – I’m stomping off now to refill my coffee cup. I hope it’s not too hot because I’ll probably swig it down quickly in my anger and then burn my mouth.

    I’m on your side Ana. Hope you know that!

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