I’m still here honest!

It occurs to me that I haven’t posted anything for ages so I thought I’d better write at least something on the off chance anyone’s noticed. I keep coming up with ideas for posts and planning them in my head before realising that either
a) I’ve stolen the idea from someone else
b) I can’t face putting the words to paper or in this case keyboard
c) It was a rubbish idea anyway
The occy health form is in, just waiting for the response. THe letter to the PCT requesting funding for DBT is also in. I’m playing a waiting game at the moment, I just hope things turn out the way I want them to for once.


3 Responses to I’m still here honest!

  1. aims says:

    I hope it does too!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Had noticed lack of posting, but since you were still around on Twitter figured it must be something like lack of posting ideas, rather than anything too serious.

    I’m struggling for post ideas too.

    Take care,

  3. Chapati says:

    Hope things turn out well too 🙂

    You’re allowed to steal ideas off other people if you like, and I bet the ideas aren’t rubbish!

    Having said that, I’m also struggling to blog these days…maybe its only a winter sport?

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