Funding, step 1,000,062.5

The story so far:

  • I (well my parents really) pay large sums of money for private assessment.
  • Private assessment confirms diagnosis and recommends a course of DBT.
  • This recommendation is passed on to the GP who supports it.
  • GP writes to Psychological Services asking them to offer me DBT, even though I’ve told him they don’t offer it.
  • Psychological services read and consider GPs letter at their team meeting.

So, today I had a phone call to confirm that my request for DBT had been received and reviewed. THey are going to wirte to my GP and tell him to write to the funding committee at the PCT to ask for approval for private funding for DBT via fancy private therapy place. I have a feeling this is who the GP should have written to in the first place, but who am I to tell him how to do his job… Still, at least doing it this way I now sort of have the backing of psychological services which has to work to my advantage, right? In the mean time, I’m still on psychological services waiting list for CBT but since I’ve been languishing there since October, I don’t hold out much hope for any movement on that front any time soon. Convuluted or what? And people wonder why the mental health system in this country is failing badly!

I guess I’m cautiously optimistic that things are at least moving in the right sort of direction albeit unbearably slowly. I’m getting slightly concerned though with regards to time. It’s now June, the Gods of occy health willing, I should be starting back at University at the start of October. This doesn’t give much time to get approval and squeeze at least some therapy in. There’s no way I’ll be able to continue therapy in York while studying in Cambridge, I’ve been warned it would be nigh on impossible to fit both in even if they were at the same end of the country. I don’t want to put off studying any longer, I’ve put it off long enough for the sake of other people, now I want to do it for me. But I really want some form of therapy too. Although I’m relatively ok at the moment (more on which another day), I don’t want to crash again with no support in place. I’m scared I’m heading for a Catch 22 of being allowed one and not the other, in which case whatever I chose would turn out wrong.

Still, for now it’s fingers crossed it won’t have to be that way. Let’s keep this optimism up while I can!


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