Just a quickie

I apologise for my extended absence of late, I am still alive! I’m also sorry for lack of comments etc. on blogs, I was without internet for over a week and when I switched on again I had over 200 posts on my google reader which was a little overwhelming. I promise to catch up at some point soon.

The reason for my silence was firstly a holiday (just with my extended family, nothing too exciting) then moving house. I’m now safely resident in my shiny flat which I love to bits and is wonderful and amazing and awesome. I’m getting on really well with my flat mate and currently have another friend residing on the lounge floor which has been an excuse for much baking of biscuits and late night girly chats. I’m also rediscovering my social life which has been incredible, the realisation that I do still have friends has been quite overwhelming at times.

I am still up but only through a hefty dose of denial. The minute any negative thoughts start creeping in I’m literally shouting them down often through having conversations out loud with myself so that I can no longer herar the creeping doubts. I know it’s not really addressing anything and the issues are still there, probably building up until I reach breaking point but right now I don’t care. I’m coping, I’m having a good time and for now that’s all I want 🙂

In other news, I actually don’t strictly know if I’m starting my course in a month or not. I had dared to assume that since I hadn’t heard anything at this late stage, my occy health clearance had been granted and all was well. Of course, that was stupid of me, assume something would be problem free, never going to happen! The uni has know for a month and a half that I haven’t been cleared but neglected to inform me of this fact. I only discovered it when I rang occy health as recommended in the information I received 2 days ago and found out for myself.

Apparently I need to see one of their doctors which is terrifying in itself given my past experiences. However, worse was that they should have been booked up for the next month which would have meant delaying my start as I can’t go on placement without clearance. Thankfully the very lovely receptionist squeezed me in for in a fortnights time. I’m hoping that will be enough, that my mood holds out till at least then and I convince them that I can do this, as I do genuinely believe. However, if one appointment is not enough or if they need more time, I now have a matter of weeks to sort this rather than the months I should have had if the uni had got it’s act together and informed me. This has left me more than a little scared and pissed off, I just hope it works out ok because if not, I won’t know what to do.


7 Responses to Just a quickie

  1. On The Road says:

    Good luck! Always frustrating waiting for someone else to make decisions which affect your future. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Glad you like your new flat, now let’s get down to business.

    Right – not completely unexpected with regards Occy Health, but the uni should have informed you to begin with. Always worth checking when placements start and if it would be possible to start lectures with a pending health clearance. Not sure exactly, but we had a girl on our course who had started without her CRB check, just meant she had to get it sorted in the couple of weeks or so before we went on placement and most people on the course (including myself) needed random jabs etc before we’d be allowed out. You could check Occy Health, or ask admissions.

    Second, would it be possible to get a letter of support from your GP/Psychiatrist in the interim. It might be worth phoning up Occy Health and asking them to send you one of their request forms/letters, since they’ll no doubt ask you to fill one in when you’re there and this way they might have all that for your appointment in 2 weeks, thereby cutting the delay.

    If you can’t get a form I think you can always just write it as a letter eg,
    “For whom it may concern,
    I hereby give permission for Shrink to share information with Occy Health as is neccessary….” – I’m sure your psychiatrist’s receptionist could assist.

    OK business over – and no I’m not trying to frighten you, and you may not need to do any of that, but at least if it’s done, then you’ll have done everything you can to sort the situation and it’ll look good anyway if it looks like you are prepared to work with the Occy Health department.

    Hope the appointment goes well.

    Oh and with regards the loud conversations – I think my counsellor *wants* me to do that stuff – so maybe it is dealing with it in some way (something about telling the mean, little bugger of an inner voice to f**K of cos it doesn’t know what it’s talking about 🙂 )

    Take care,

  3. Chapati says:


    So glad things are looking up 🙂 The company of good friends is the best tonic.

    I hope the occy health and doctors appointment goes well. I shall keep my fingers tightly crossed for you.

    Take care,


  4. Bob says:

    I often tell myself to stop being a moody git. Maybe not out loud, but certainly in my head. I definitely agree with C too; spend time with friends!! After all, myself, Rob, Issy and Vincci are all around (for our sins). I can only speak for myself, but a few more evenings out would not do any harm… well, providing the evil alcohol is not self-prescribed in too high a dose.

  5. aims says:

    Sweetie – I’m smiling – even with the occy health news. You sound wonderful! You sound – dare I say it? – Happy!

    I am just so pleased for you. You are walking proof of that saying when one door closes – another opens.

    Wow! What a difference in you. You go girl!

    Now – chin out – determination in grip – and rock that doc!

  6. anickdaler says:

    @everyone Thank you for all the encouragement, I can’t express how much it means to me to have people out there who care 🙂

    @differently My GP is more than happy to support my application which is good 🙂 Seems like a sensible plan to phone occy health to get the paperwork thing in advance, if I do their job for them maybe things will actually get done!

    @Bob We should definitely organise a pub meet with geologists who are around. I’m away next week but after that…

  7. Alison says:

    Good luck, fingers crossed for you.

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