Nearly there

I had my meeting of doom with occy health this morning. It was such hard work, I’m drained now. Trying to work out how much to tell them, what details to include and what to omit. No lies, just an edited truth. The good news is I’m not out 🙂  However, nor am I entirely in. They want a letter from my GP to confirm I’m stable and that he thinks I’m capable of doing the course. I’ve spoken to my GP already and he’s happy to provide said letter as soon as he gets confirmation from them of exactly what they need.

I’m so, so near.

Other than that I’ve had a bit of a rocky couple of days. The euphoric happiness is giving way to the nagging doubts, the poisonous other side of me that is determined to see me at the very least fail. I’m really hoping this is a result of occy health related stress rather than anything more sinister. The problem is that even though it went as well as I could reasonably expect I’m still sitting here with my mind going down a very bad track.

I’m not ok and I don’t think I ever really will be but I just hope I’m doing what’s going to be the best for me.


3 Responses to Nearly there

  1. aims says:

    Girl – I think you’ve done a fantastic job. The fact that all they need is a letter which your GP is happy to give says it all.

    Tell your ‘other’ mind to just shut up. We like to beat ourselves up because we don’t believe happiness and good things should come our way. But they should. Keep telling yourself you deserve it. That’s all there is to it. And there are plenty of us out here who believe that.

    Now – in answer to your questions on where to find those pieces of turquoise – I got those from Fire Mountain Gems. They are in the States. However – they are often more expensive than anyone else because they are so big and so popular ( the company – not the turquoise). So get on google and do some research. I’ve found a ton of companies – signed up for their newsletters and I pay attention to their sales. Again – most are in the States but there’s a few in Canada and I’ve got one in China I buy from too. If you want more help – email me. I’ll make a list for you.


  2. That’s great news (about occy health I mean).

    Take care,

  3. Chapati says:

    I reckon it is anxiety about the meeting – so glad you’re nearly there!

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