Visit from on high

No, I haven’t seen the light or had some sort of miraculous conversion; my parents have been to visit.


  • There is now food in the house. Maybe I can eat something other than soup. Not too optimistic on this one however, but can at least produce new and exciting varieties of soup
  • Free lunch, a real meal. That makes 2 in 2 days, got to be some sort of record!
  • Tidy flat. The vacuuming has been done, the kitchen is shining, there are no longer stacks of plates ready to leap out on me when I least expect it.
  • Been to visit the council. Now I have official permission to ignore the pay this or we’ll shoot you council tax letter. This is better than just ignoring it anyway as I was doing
  • I feel somewhat less guilty. Now however things turn out, at least I’ve seen them.
  • I have my teddy bear šŸ™‚


  • Cringeworthy discussions of how very much I’m loved and how it doesn’t matter what I do but do I have any ideas what that is yet? Funnily enough no.
  • My darling mother attempting to ‘help’ in the council office. “She’s not been very well, you know”, false sotto voice to the man behind the counter. At which point I promptly told her to shut up and I’d deal with it from here.
  • Feeling like a complete failure, whatever they said otherwise but I guess I had that anyway.
  • Knowing through oh so subtle whispered chats that I was making them late to visit my grandad and feeling guilty because of this.

Nevertheless, overall win! And now I’ve very definitely owned the right to zone out in front of the tv for at least a few hours.


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