Wheeee! Boing!

Up, up, up and away. Still not achieving anything but it doesn’t matter because I have plans – important plans – and lists, lots of lists. At this rate I’m going to need a list to keep track of all the lists I’ve made! Just deny everything, that’s the key. Never stop to think. If you think then it all goes wrong so never do it. Loud music, concentrate on the lyrics. Read, anything and everything to do – cross stitch, knitting (my rectangle seems to be turning into a triangle but it doesn’t matter because it requires concentration).

Still cutting but it’s ok. It was a science experiment and therefore important. NOT self-harm so it doesn’t count. I don’t need to tell anyone. The experiment failed by the way but not to worry there are plenty of other things to investigate. Science is important.

And I went swimming! It was good. I swim like a fish. I like fish. Fish are good. I want to go diving again. There are lots of fish when diving. I can count them and name them. It makes me happy. This means I left the house and then had hot chocolate and a cookie when I got home. Nom nom! And I ate soup but not with the cookie. The soup was a combination of lunch and dinner, I shall call it lunner or maybe dinch. Soup is also good.

See, I’m fine, just fine.


12 Responses to Wheeee! Boing!

  1. Bippidee says:

    Are you still staying with your parents hun? x

  2. aims says:

    Tell them the truth sweetie. Just tell them.

    I love to swim!!! I swear I have gills and if I haven’t been in the water for a while I start to dry out.

    I got a pair of those underwater mp3 players and I love to swim for my hour of laps and listen to music. It’s so good for calming the soul. Hard to sing along under water but what the h,,,……

    Tell them the truth girl. Please!!!!

    • anickdaler says:

      Will try and tell them the truth. One of my lists is things I need to tell them. Underwater mp3 player sounds fabulous, maybe I should start another list of things that I would like…

  3. Alison says:

    Science Experiment in what way?

    As for the psych appointment be honest!

  4. I’m terrified of fish!

    Be honest at the appointment, hope it’s helpful x

  5. Bippidee says:

    I hope the appointment goes ok honey. As others have said, be honest about things are. I really hope it is at least a bit helpful. xxx

  6. Hope appointment goes/has gone well and you manage to be honest and that they listen.

    Take care,

  7. Nurse Converse says:

    Also hoping the appointment went ok. Let us know what happens xxx

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