Up again!

Moods are all over the shop. Going from insane happiness and dangerous unpredicatable energy to numbness to unspeakable depression and paranoia. It’s exhausting all this switching! On the plus side yesterday coincided with definite upness and consequently I had an awesome day, even if it wasn’t so good for the pocket. Had some time to kill in town between appointments. Bought some jewellery with the express purpose of taking it home and destroying it. There were so many pretty beads and for much cheaper than I could get the beads alone. Plus, a bit of random destruction always makes me happy.

I’ve been meaning for a while to get a new sewing machine. The one I had cost 2o quid and was severely limiting any ambitions I may have. I don’t have the patience to sew by hand but love “making” so a sewing machine is essential. Anyway, popped into local sewing shop for a browse. They had the machine I was thinking of getting so had a play, decided it was indeed very shiny. Then they showed me the next model up… Was awesome, does alphabets and everything! Well out of my price range I’d have thought but no, it was an ex-demo (basically never used) and so cost less than the one I’d been looking at. So now have way more awesome sewing machine for the same money and consequently don’t feel guilty for spending lots. Woo!

And I went for dinner/to the pub with a very good friend and we bitched and put the world to rights over a bottle of wine or 3! Haven’t done anything like that for a long time. Didn’t think anyone would be interested in spending that much time in my company. So, yay!



3 Responses to Up again!

  1. Sorry your mood is swinging – I’ve always found rapid mood shifting exhausting.

    Yay to shiney new sewing machine – sounds like you got a bargain and so definitely shouldn’t feel guilty – you have to take these opportunities if they present themselves…

    Take care,

  2. trio25 says:

    Sounds like some good things are happening. Hope your mood stabalises a bit soon, constant up and down is tiring!

  3. aims says:

    I just bought some jewelry too at a second hand shop for the chains they used. I’ll find use for the beads in something else. It’s so much fun isn’t it??

    And a new sewing machine!

    Being able to lose yourself in projects is so helpful. I listen to audio books to keep my mind from racing off into the bad. I couldn’t work peacefully otherwise.

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