In note form

Words are not happening at the moment and I seem unable to type straight which is making blogging somewhat triggering. So in short:

  • Last blog post triggered concerned reaction in real-life friends and ended up with me in A+E attempting to get myself hospitalised.
  • There were no psych beds in the whole East of England area and the best they could offer me was a chair in CDU so I went home instead and friends took pills off me effectively spoiling my careful planning. Still, at least they meant well.
  • Was visited by the Home Treatment team on the Monday who advised me to eat plenty of chocolate (I like the home treatment team, last time they advised me to go to the pub!).
  • Had first proper appointment with Complex Cases on Wednesday. They were better than I expected. They run a programme of daytime activities such as walking and cooking groups in an attempt to get people out of the house and meeting others in similar circumstances. This sounds potentially good. In the long term they offer some varient of CBT but not until people are stable. This irritates me. I have a naive image of therapy fixes all even if rationally I know right now it would throw me even further down this hole.
  • Parents came down and took me home for a few days. This was good and I had a couple of better days.
  • I’m now back at home and trying to not let the disordered thoughts find a way back in. I’m failing but at least I’m trying.
  • I’ve joined a gym 🙂

Sorry, I may turn this into a proper post at some point if my brain starts regaining control of my fingers but in the mean time have an apology for being such a dull blogger!


6 Responses to In note form

  1. nurseconverse says:

    Well, I’m glad you had a nice time at your parents and joined the gym! Also glad your lovely friends took your pills off you, even if you aren’t right now 🙂 Make sure you follow the Home Treatment Team’s advice to the letter. xxx

  2. Stacy says:

    I’m kind of new to blogging and to your posts but, I’m glad to hear that you’ve worked through a difficult time and that you’re home again with some added support.
    I find if very interesting to read about the treatment options over there. The mental health system has some big differences between our countries.
    Here in the US there are a few options for care, inpatient hospital(temporary), outpatient day treatment(temporarly), DBT if you have BPD(for a year or two), and individual therapy once weekly or every other week(temporary – longterm). We don’t have case managers or home treatment or anything like that, that is unless you’re intellectually slow.
    I with we had other options here.

  3. Alison says:

    Hang on in there, if you ever need to offload… email me… I’ll always yak back!

  4. Sorry you had such a horrible weekend, but there are some positives here – sounds like complex cases may be of some use – I find having somebody else organise daily activities to do reduces the time left alone with the thoughts which there’s a lot to be said for…

    Yay to joining a gym.

    And no need to apologise – you’re not a dull blogger.

    Take care,

  5. aims says:

    Have been waiting for this blog post – just to know you are okay. So glad your Dad dragged you back home and you felt some healing.

    Always here…..

  6. John says:

    Great to hear from you on twitter – feel free to contact me any time.

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