There have been some fairly substantial and significant changes in my life of late. Firstly, I now wear glasses so you can update that random mental image you must have of me. I used to wear glasses about 3 years ago but I managed to leave them in the pub (I’ve left a lot of things in the pub over the years including but not limited to a coat, my wallet and my decorum on at leaST one occasion) and never got round to replacing them. I know I should have done something about it much sooner but at least it’s finally sorted and I can now see things without a blurry haze round the outside. Plus they’re purple which rocks.

Secondly, I seem to have accidentally acquired a boyfriend. It genuinely wasn’t my intention to do so. I’d pretty much decided to stay single until I was a lot more stable as past experience shows my mentalness and relationships really don’t mix. I was even determined for the first couple of weeks he asked me out. I said no, I told horror stories, I did everything in my power to dissuade him but for some reason he was still keen. In fact, he was so lovely to me that eventually it seemed churlish to keep refusing and I thought I’d give it a chance. It’s still very early days but for now it’s making me incredibly happy and has given me back something I thought I’d never have again. I’d forgotten just how much fun the early days of relationships are *blushes*.

And finally… I’m getting degus 🙂  Yay! Small furry creatures to make my life complete. But this is going to have to be our little secret as I’m not telling the landlord about them. What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?

Anywho, I’m off to the supermarket to get stuff to make dinner for boyfriend and I tomorrow. *skips off, whistling contentedly*


3 Responses to Changes

  1. Bippidee says:

    It is really great to hear you sounding so positive. xxx

  2. Yay – you’re going to join a really exclusive club of degu owning mentalists! (or possibly your degus will be mentalist owning, as seems to be the way…)

    Also yay for the boyfriend and the glasses (I’ve just got a new pair, so no longer have purple ones…)

    Take care,

  3. Nurse Converse says:

    Yay for the pitter patter of tiny feet (that’s the degus btw, I’m not vastly accelerating the course of your new relationship!). Ickle furries are the best things when you’re feeling down 🙂

    Enjoy gazing lovingly at your new fella over a delicious meal through purple glasses 😀

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