I hope I’m right

I got into pharmacy 🙂  This means that in about 9 months time I’m going to be a university student for the third time, seven years after I initially stepped through the doors of higher education. By the time I finish (if I finish), I’ll have been a student for 11 years bar time off for patches of complete insanity. Boyfriend is going to move with me and we’re looking at getting a house together (he works from home so can do that from anywhere).

A new life.

A new start.

And I am absolutely terrified. I’m coping remarkably well at the moment. My emotions are unstable as ever but I’m still clear of the depression and at least the rest of it is dealable with. But I don’t want to go back, in fact, I’d do anything to avoid it. I can never face going that low and that far-gone again. That’s why I’m scared. It was the pressures of university the very first time round, along with trying to hold down my first relationship that caused the initial forays into depression. From there it just got worse and everything that followed – the suicide attempts, the psychosis, all of it – spiraled from that initial pressure.

I only truly recovered to the stage I’m at now when I completely removed all pressure. Or more specifically when it all, even down to the most basic decisions, was removed from me and I was hospitalised. From there I’ve kept the pressure away and tried to live as low a stress life as possible but it can’t go on. I can’t just sit around on my arse for the rest of eternity, I should be capable of so much more. But when that pressure starts again…

I know I’ve got to try. I’ve generated an awesome opportunity for myself and I have to take it. But I have a feeling that if I fail at this then I’m running out of chances and places to go and that really is frightening.


One Response to I hope I’m right

  1. lost1234 says:

    Thats really good news that you’ve got a uni place. It’s hard not to ponder on the what ifs but try not to. Concentrate on the moving forward. Uni will be stressful but try to pace yourself and your work load and stay aware of how you are feeling so you can try and address anything when it crops up. Good luck. xx

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