Much to my surprise the doctor did phone me back yesterday. After flicking through a book and reading out random names of antipsychotics, he settled on sulpiride at 200mg which is one I haven’t heard of before. Cue a consultation of Dr Google. Apparently at doses from 50-200mg Sulpiride acts as a reuptake inhibitor of Dopamine and consequently has some anti-depressant properties. At doses of >600mg it is is a selective antagonist at postsynaptic D2-Receptors (whatever that means) resulting in antipsychotic properties.

Now, I’m confused. Firstly, what does it do between 200 and 600mg? That’s not particularly relevant, just of academic interest. Secondly, I thought I was meant to be taking an antipsychotic, not that I think I need one, in which case the dose is in no way sufficient? If not, and I’m meant to be using it as a second anti-depressant, will it make any difference to the first one (venlafaxine)? I guess I’m going to have to wait until I see the doctor on Wednesday and ask him then.

I’m also pretty pissed off with the pharmacy that cashed my prescription for me. Nobody asked if I’d taken the medication before and when I got home and looked in the box, they hadn’t provided me with the Patient Information Leaflet for the new drugs. This strikes me not only as poor service, but as downright dangerous. PIL’s have a lot of information in, ranging from side effects to look out for to what to do in the event of an overdose, as well as confirming the medication that you’re about to take does vaguely what you expect it to. Thankfully I’ve enough common sense to bring it up via google and have a quick read, but a lot of people out there won’t. Does anyone know if they’re legally required to supply such information, especially if you’ve never taken the drugs before? Or at the very least, are they required to ask you if you’ve taken the drugs before? I’d just feel an ickle bit safer if I thought the pharmacists actually gave a damn about what they were giving me.


6 Responses to Sulpiride

  1. Ruby Tuesday says:

    I had the same experience with a lack of patient information leaflet in a box of meds I’d never taken before. Even with the information available on the internet, I’d feel a more reassured if the PIL was present.

  2. Cassie says:

    When I was a pharmacy student we were taught to ask whether or not a patient has taken a medication before if they present with a new script, and to provide patient counselling about the drug if they have not. It’s certainly bad practice not to ask and to not provide the Consumer Medication Information. However, I don’t think it’s illegal not to do so….

  3. What Cassie said – it’s bad practice, but not illegal, because your doctor is the one with that obligation – after all how can you give “informed consent” if you aren’t informed…

    Take care,

  4. Also my reading suggests that it has AP effects from 200mg all the way up to 3200mg, and that doses of 600+ are for chronic, intractable psychosis, besides which it’s normal to start on low doses and titrate up if necessary, because otherwise people end up on too high a dose with all the incumbent side-effects than they need to be.

    Hope it the med proves helpful though.

    Take care,

  5. Pennies says:

    Of the two meds I’ve had neither came with patient information leaflets. :$ meds are all very confusing.

  6. aims says:

    Hi Ana.

    I am just back from 9 weeks away and I saw that you had posted. I started back where you keep saying you are fine and read forward.

    From here I can see that you need help. The crying – the cutting – you definitely need help. I know you think they aren’t helping you and that you don’t want to take any meds – but Ana – you need to give it a try.

    I feel that your parents should be aware of your state of mind. The one you have been in for a while – not a fake one you give them.

    I’m suddenly trying to remember what I did with your parent’s phone number – it took us almost 8 hours to find it.

    Ana – please talk to someone. Please tell them the truth. Or – you could just print out your posts and take them and show someone. What you are thinking is going to be the end result of your life is NOT normal. Ana – it can be different. It truly can.

    Again – you know where to find me. I also have a special phone system that I could call you and talk to you for pennies. Literally. If you would like that, just email me your phone number and I’ll give you a ring.

    Just worried about you and the signs I’m picking up on.


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