Now there’s a title to increase one’s hit count! And not a subject I ever imagined myself sharing with the whole wide internet.

Since starting antipsychotics just over a year ago, my weight has ballooned by over three stone. That’s pretty much 20kg. Imagine carrying a backpack containing 20 bags of sugar around with you 24/7. It’s no wonder I feel despondent and cumbersome. Now, most of that weight has gone to two places. My belly; leaving me resembling a pregnant hippopotamus. I haven’t yet been asked when it’s due but it’s surely only a matter of time. The other is my breasts, which weren’t exactly the smallest in the first place, and have now increased to a quite frankly ridiculous 34JJ-36J. That’s four times the UK average :S  This means that, even with quality underwear from the lovely Bravissimo, by lunch time I’m in pain and by evening, I need to lie flat out to relieve the back ache.  As for exercise…*boing* I’m sure you get the picture. At night, they hang penduously, stretching still further under their own mass. I haven’t weighed them (that would be weird) but I’m sure if I did, I’d find the location of 5 or 6 of those extra sugar bags.

If I were normal, this is the kind of thing I may consider bringing up with my doctor. Not as an emergency you understand, but as part of those anything else troubling you type questions. However, I already feel guilty for the amount of NHS resources I waste, and couldn’t countenance a discussion on abusing some more. The problem is compounded as I am in the process of locating a new doctor, having finally moved in with the boyfriend. I can just imagine the converstaion:

“Hi, I have BPD, recurrent depression and anxiety which everyone thinks are under control but are in fact slowly but surely tearing my life and my relationships apart. I want you to give me enough drugs to stock a medium sized pharmacy, just to get me through the day and I also want therapy and lots of it. Oh, and by the way, my boobs make my back hurt.”

Or perhaps not.






One Response to Breasts

  1. Narky says:

    I can identify with the weight gain. I’ve gained about three stone in six months since I started psychiatric medications. I’m can’t identify with the bigger boobs though! Mine stay pretty small no matter how big the rest of me gets. These meds are awful for side effects. And doctors just don’t seem to get it!

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