On Saturday, the tenancy on my flat ‘oop North ends and I officially move in with the boyfriend somewhere in the middle. When this occurs, I will lose the majority of my benefits, except my much loved DLA. This is because the government thinks that even though we’ve been going out less than a year, once we live together, he automatically begins to support me completely. Much as the idea of living a life of leisure is tempting, this isn’t fair on him and to be honest, 25 is possibly a bit young for retirement.

Whether or not I go to university in September, and that’s a whole new post for another day, I have the next three months to consider. I don’t feel I am anywhere near well enough to return to an office. My need for a minimum of 10 hours sleep to function does not fit in with the 9-5 lifestyle and the thought of dealing with that many people and that much pressure makes me feel physically sick.

This leaves me with the only option of trying something self-employed then I don’t need to deal with anyone but me. I am a crafter. It’s what I do – I make jewellery, cards and do patchwork, particularly cushions. It’s something I can do at my own pace, in my own style as and when I feel able. My low self-esteem means I can’t personally label my work as anything other than shite but I have been assured by other people that it’s at least as good as some stuff other people make. Maybe I’ll show you some pictures when I get round to taking any if I dare… Anywho, over the years I have built up quite a collection and it’s growing all the time. My ideal would be to make money through selling some of this even though I can’t begin to justify to myself charging the prices I’d have to charge to make this financially viable.

I like to do things properly and if I do this I want it to appear as professional as possible, so as to hide the rubbish behind. For this, I need a logo. My ability at graphic design stretches to a complete inability to draw and half a GCSE in graphic products somewhere in the distant past! So I am begging for your artistic contributions. The idea I’ve had is AnA written on a sine curve, with the word ‘crafts’ written underneath, all enclosed in a flower. From this somewhat dubious description, my awesome and lovely friend produced the following:

This is almost exactly what my sketch looked like, only with the word ‘crafts’ underneath the AnA, and the petals not going into the centre circle. I need a black and white version to use as a label and then a full colour one to print onto a banner (as I said, I want to do this properly!). I have no idea what colours I want it, just that I want it to look pretty and eye-catching.

I am begging all of you out there with some free time (or any friends of yours who happen to be graphic designers with free time) to have a go. Feel free to disregard the above idea if you think it’s rubbish, the only bit I’m totally attached to is the AnA as I can draw that quickly and I think it looks kind of neat! The payment is my eternal gratitude and I’m sure I’ll remember you when I become a rich and famous designer 😉

Hopefully, you will hear more on my idea and its progress soon. Assuming, of course, that I don’t crash, realise this was an idea I came up with when far too high which is completely unworkable and impractical.

Any other ideas/business tips, or a reality check gratefully received!


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