I hate doctors.

They’re all liars anyway. I’ve registered with a new doctors surgery. I first saw my new GP two weeks ago. He seemed ok and more to the point he seemed useful. I explained that I wanted a psych referral, pretty common sense given my diagnosis and fairly unstable history. I also rambled on about being worried that it would take months and months for my notes to come through and I didn’t want to be left languishing until that happened. He reassured me it wouldn’t be a problem. He’d phone my previous GP that afternoon, obtain the details he needed and then be in a place to make a referral if needed next time I saw him. He also promised to put my meds on extended repeat (after almost refusing to give them to me because he didn’t believe anyone would actually be on that dose :S ). Then he gave me a script for a fortnights worth. Except for he didn’t. Despite me stating I was an overdose risk, he still managed to misprescribe and give me 56 of one tablet rather than the requisite 14. They’ll go in the stash then. Don’t need it at the moment but it’s good to know it’s there if situations change.

Anywho, saw him again yesterday. Apparently he hadn’t spoken to my GP and besides, I should know he can’t do anything until the notes come through which could take 8-10 weeks. Lying git. I want help. Yes, I’m currently fairly stable but I want some safeguards put into place ASAP for if (when?) that’s no longer the case. It makes me really angry and upset. I hate people not telling the truth in any situation. I can’t understand anything other than honesty. I build my hopes and dreams on people doing what they say they will and when they don’t it crushes me completely. It’s things like this that give me major wobbles and as an apparent professional, surely he should be working to avoid such things?

You’d think I’d have learned by now not to trust the NHS and yet I continue to do so. More fool me.


2 Responses to I hate doctors.

  1. tea, two sugars says:

    I’ve had a lot of experience with professionals giving me promises they can’t keep to put my mind at ease, or shut me up, or whatever. I know it sucks, and I’m sorry he’s not more helpful.

    Maybe next time you see him, put a bit more pressure on him to make the psych refferal. He surely must know that these things take bloody ages to come through!

    The NHS isn’t great, but there are some gems out there. Clearly he’s not one of them, but don’t lose faith.

    Hope you’re okay Ana, Take care xx

  2. Bob says:

    Did you tell him this? Esp. your concerns about trust. There are always people who think what they’re doing doesn’t have repercussions, so you’ve got to be honest to him as well. If he sees what he’s doing to your emotional well-being and doesn’t do anything or at least try to make amends verbally, then he’s a bastard.

    Re: the 56 pills thing… you have a stash? This worries me…

    Yours concernedly,

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