This blog, and at the time the associated URL, were a very geeky valentines day present from my ex-boyfriend. I’d been talking about wanting to blog so he set it all up for me. That was way back in 2007 and since then I haven’t changed a thing about it. I’ve found moving on from the end of that relationship next to impossible to do but I think changing this would be a start. The name of the blog was an amalgamation of our names, the way we were collectively referred to so every time I see it mentioned, it’s a painful reminder of what was.

Conversely though, this is my online persona and I don’t want to lose the, albeit small, following I have. Also, I have no idea what to reinvent myself as. I’ve never really had any nicknames and I’m rubbish at coming up with witty monikers for myself. One possibility is that I amalgamate all this with my fledgling craft business, becoming AnA Craft, and working from there. I quite like this idea. My mental health is related on so many levels to my crafting. It’s what has helped to keep me safe through some of the rockiest patches of my life and now I seem to be recovering somewhat, is where my passion lies.

However, I have no idea how to go about changing things or even if I’m ready for it. It seems such a big moving on step when parts of me are still clinging so desperately to the past. I don’t want to put people off reading by changing from posting primarily craziness posts to sharing pictures of my crafting and tales of what I’m up to there. It also means I will lose any veneer of anonymity I had. I’ve never been much good at keeping anonymous anyway. A lot of my real life friends know and read this blog even though they don’t always comment. I’ve also added a lot of other bloggers to Facebook using my real identity so I suppose I wouldn’t be losing that much. The only risk would be my family finding this. It’s my place to rant and to chat and I want that private from them, even if it’s not private from the rest of the world.

It seems from a brief scan of wordpress that it is possible to change the blog address so I wouldn’t lose my archives which is important to me and I think I could keep this domain pointing at the new one so people wouldn’t have to change their links or anything. [Incidentally, I find it odd that the wordpress spell checker doesn’t recoginse the word wordpress :S] It seems a huge step somehow even if all it is is renaming a piece of the internet. A step towards the future perhaps.


One Response to Identity

  1. Astrid says:

    I have the opposite issue in a way, in that I have my blog and E-mail address and website associated with my birth name, and am going to get married in six weeks, and am wondering whether to adopt a new domain. I like the idea of not being googled if I use my husband’s name though, so in all likelihood I’m not going to change anything about my Internet status.

    As for annymity, I have never cared much about that. I have one blog where I use my full birth name as the address, and one blog where I use only my first name, but anyone who reads my other blog canfind that one. It is quite likely my family do read both blogs, and I’ve taken some precautions to prevent them from being hurt too much, but for the mos tpart I don’t care what they’ll read.

    I am sorry you are still struggling with holding onto the past and apparently missing the relationship with your ex. I cannot relate to this, but I wanted ot wish you strength in the journey to move on from the past and face the future.

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