Just when I think I’m doing so well, something always throws itself in my path to dislodge me. I wondered into the kitchen the other day and found the boyfriend reorganising the kitchen cupboards. Nothing major, just putting the mugs into a smaller cupboard and the glasses into the bigger one. Rationally, quite sensible, we have more glasses than mugs and I don’t drink tea or coffee anyway.

However, I do NOT like change. Any change. I have my little routine and I stick to it, I don’t like anything coming in its way. Apparently even this little thing was enough to send me into a shouting, screaming rant. It could not be changed. Boyfriend was equally determined it would be and shouted back. We yelled at each other for a little bit and he made it clear he was having it his way. Eventually I dissolved into floods of tears. The mugs were stacked to fit in. For some reason, in my head, the mugs could not be stacked. It was the worst thing in the universe to have stacked mugs. What would our guests think (not that we ever have any guests you understand, but if we did)?

I tried to explain this. It was impssible to get him to understand (quite possibly because it didn’t actually make any sense). Things have to be right in my head. If they vary from that even slightly it causes me to become a complete mess.  How can I ever hope to be a normal, functioning human being if something as insignificant as stacked mugs leads to hours of meltdown?


2 Responses to Meltdown

  1. Narky says:

    Awww, sometimes it just happens, honey. I had a massive meltdown too recently, lost the plot entirely. But you can pick yourself up again. 🙂

  2. willfindhope says:

    Ahh, sometimes that can happen to me too, something relatively minor an send me into a complete meltdown. *hugs*

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