Dear ex-voluntary organisation of choice,

I thought I was big enough to get over the way you treated me and others but apparently, if my dreams of the last few nights are anything to go by, I’m not.  You see, you were my passion. I spent over 100 hours a year helping you out and that doesn’t include the time spent at meetings and socialising in your name. However, for a supposedly medical organisation, your attitude to mental health is abysmal. I appreciate the importance of health declarations in your field. I have always been honest in mine and will continue to be so but your policies do not encourage such sharings of confidence.

The first time I had problems, I was applying to do an advanced course. I answered every question, and gave you the opportunity to phone me and request further details. You didn’t. Instead you outright refused me advanced clearance. The reason? It would involve me working with only one other person and it seems I’m not to be trusted so unsupervised, despite my medical team being happy with my fitness to practice. However, you were more than happy to let me manage events of just two people where I had more power and responsibility than you were denying me in another role. Contradictory and offensive.

The next time I had to submit a declaration you refused to even reply despite the fact I sent several over a period of a number of weeks. That’s just rude. And even if you had the decency to reply, the person responsible for making these life affecting decisions (and yes, denying someone something that occupies a large amount of their free time is life affecting), was a gynaecologist. The last time they considered mental health was probably med school. How can they possibly be qualified to make a decision over whether or not someone is mentally fit?

I’m hugely disappointed to have been denied the opportunity to continue with my hobby due to your incompetence. I wish things had been different, I could have been good for you.

Yours rantingly,


3 Responses to Ranty

  1. Pandora says:

    What wankers! Sorry to hear this 😦 Are you going to actually send this, or are you ‘just’ venting? The latter is of course entirely valid and just, but I wonder if you shouldn’t make a complaint? They deserve to have to answer for these issues.

    Take care

    Pan x

  2. trio25 says:

    So sad, but they are missing out!

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