Busy like a bee

February 25, 2012

I have so much to write about and no time to write it! I honestly don’t think I’ve stopped for the last fortnight but in a boundless energy rather than a running myself into the ground kind of way. I feel fabulous at the moment, I even told my therapist that I was awesome! I’m sleeping less, averaging fewer than 10 hours a night which anyone who has lived with attest is virtually unheard off. I’ve even started eating breakfast semi-regularly which I don’t think I’ve done since I left school.

I competed my business skills course with the Princes Trust. It was an excellent if rather rushed introduction to the practicalities of running a business. I now feel less nervous about the records I have to keep and how to deal with HMRC. I worry that in practice I will forget things or not keep the right details. I’m going to try and counter this by making a colourful and enticing filing system and making magical Excel spreadsheets that do all the maths for me. I’ve also signed up to do a couple of short courses run by HMRC aimed at people starting their first bsuiness. Hopefully this will fill in some of the gaps and reinforce the bits I think I understood.

The next step is to produce a business plan. Thankfully I’ve been given a pro forma to work through which the PT trust will then translate into the actual document. I’ve made a good start but there are some confusing questions and I’m a bit worried about doing a financial forecast as I don’t want to set myself up to fail by predicting too much. I’m aiming to go to Launch Group in April and after that I will be assigned a mentor and can call myself a business for real. It’s a bit terrifying but also awesome and a real opportunity.

Over the weekend there was a Europe wide massive craft trade fair locally. It was free to enter and there were loads of great workshops so I’ve learnt lots of new techniques. Also picked up loads of freebies which is always good. Made some great contacts so should hopefully be able to buy some of my supplies wholesale in the future. I’m finding it easier to talk to people at the moment, less worried of what they think or of the consequences.

I’m trying to keep my exercise up, aiming for a workout at least five times a week. It’s hard but my motivation is good and I have a lot to gain health wise. I’m finding that medication related weight gain is even more difficult to shift than normal weight gain but I’ll keep plugging away and if nothing else, I will at least be a bit fitter.

At the moment, I rock! Somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought that the higher I fly, the further there is to fall but to be honest currently falling seems impossible.