Doing all the right things

TRIGGERS for weight and food discussion.

As I mentioned a while back, I have put on shed loads of weight since starting antipsychotics, particularly quetiapine. This means I now weigh 15 stone, 150% of what I weighed when I was healthy. When I realised I had a third of my weight to lose, I realised some drastic action was necessary so since January, I’ve been working really hard towards losing some of it.

Six days a week, I do an hour of exercise on my Wii. I know that doesn’t sound overly impressive but it leaves me sweaty and exhausted. It involves lots of squats, lunges, running, jumping and general stupidity. I walk the dog for at least half an hour, usually double that. I’ve really worked on my diet, I have one sandwich at lunch instead of two on brown bread with no spread and a low fat filling. I have a healthyish dinner which I eat off a side plate rather than having a full portion. If I crave chocolate, I go for a small piece of high cocoa black chocolate rather than a whole packet of Smarties or Buttons. I’ve cut right back on my drinking, at the moment I drink less than once a week and when I do, it’s less than I would have done before. The only thing I still do which is a bit naughty, is have a slice of homemade cake or a biscuit after dinner.

I’ve kept this up for two months now and the result? Nothing. In all that time, I’ve lost 2kg and that’s it. It’s pathetic. I’m trying to pretend it doesn’t matter, I am getting fitter and I am sleeping less so I’m getting some results but not where I really want them. I almost feel like giving up, I’m giving it my all and I’m getting nothing back.

The last time I put on a lot of weight was when I was taking Carbamazepine as a mood stabiliser. My weight ballooned, although nothing like to the extent it has now. My efforts in getting fit that time coincided with a medication change and the weight just fell off. Within 6 months I was healthier and skinnier than I’d been for years with half the effort I’m putting in now.

It seems the problem is the quetiapine, not only has it caused all the weight gain but it’s clinging to every pound and refusing to relinquish them. The obvious solution would be to give it up or try something different but I’m doing so well right now. I feel reasonably stable and most of the time I’m even happy. I’d be a fool to risk that. Last time I stopped my antipsychotics, I retreated back to a trembling, paranoid mess who was unable to leave the house because everyone was watching and judging me. I can’t go back to that.

There’s not a right answer to this. It seems I’m either stable and fat or skinny and mad. I just wanted a whinge really.


4 Responses to Doing all the right things

  1. Bob says:

    I’m really impressed by how you’re doing at the moment. Healthy weight loss is slow, hang in there 🙂

  2. Pandora says:

    Jesus, I can so relate. I was a massive 19 stone at one point, but then lost loads – maybe five stone? Things were grand until I started taking 600mg of Quetiapine…but since then, the majority of the weight has returned.

    I don’t have your self-discipline though – even though you’ve not lost a great deal, you should heartily pat yourself on the back for trying. It’s not your fault it’s only partially working – you’re doing really well – it’s Quetiapine’s. It’s an effective drug in my experience, but it’s nasty too.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


    Pan xxx

  3. Narky says:

    We certainly are on the same wavelength today. I’m sorry it’s been so discouraging for you, because you have all my respect for working so hard.

  4. MsLeftie says:

    I can relate also, I lost five stone back in 2009 / 2010 and whilst I was still “fat”, I noticed a massive difference to my outlook, self esteem and energy. Then I started Quetiapine and bam, the five stone lost all came back and now I am back where I was despite the fact I have not taken the drug since December 2010. I can do the healthy eating but exercise is my downfall. I was enjoying the gym but it proved far too expensive for me to keep up although saying this we have a new leisure complex in town that opened last month and the prices are really good, I am determined this month to get my fat backside there to check it out. Although I am secretly hoping the weight management clinic who I am seeing next week will kindly offer me exercise on prescription for it since the leisure complex is part own my the NHS and local university!

    I did buy two exercise DVD’s last month, they are still in the shrink wrap… *oh dear* I partly want to go back on Quetiapine to stable my moods but am terrified of more weight gain, this is something I am intent on discussing with the psych later this week. I know that when I was on Quetiapine I was stable, but I came off because of the weight gain!

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