Let’s talk about suicide

When I was Internet hopping the other day I came across this. It really struck a chord with me. As most of you know I have tried to kill myself several times in the past and on one occasion was very nearly successful. After each attempt most of my family and friends with a few notable and much appreciated exceptions pretended it hadn’t happened. People avoided asking how I was doing or what I was up to. They must have had questions, I know I would. Why? What was it like? Even did you see a bright light if they were so inclined? In some ways I can understand their reticence. They must have been worried about upsetting me or even making it worse however by refusing to acknowledge it all they succeeded in doing was reinforcing the stereotype that suicide is in some way shameful or even wrong. It became a giant elephant in the room, always there but never discussed. Not being able to talk about what happened led to me bottling it up to the degree that it still causes me problems.

I tried to find some statistics on what proportion of people attempt suicide but failed. Whatever the figures, that’s a lot of stories that are going untold. The taboo around suicide makes people less likely to seek help if they are feeling suicidal for fear of being judged or even laughed at. Until we break it down more people will die or suffer for the lack of a conversation. So please, tell your story if you want to, ask questions if you have then, you never know who you may help.


2 Responses to Let’s talk about suicide

  1. MsLeftie says:

    I shall forward this to my auntie, her son |(my cousin) attempted suicide this week, but was found in time.

  2. Natalie says:

    It’s ironic that a post designed to get users to open up about suicide had so few posts. I shall tell my story in the hope that other might be inclined.
    I became suicidal in 2010. My mental health wasn’t great at the time and was complicated by a dissertation, a suicide almost a year earlier and relationship issues. I fought for about three weeks against the interal dialogue- I didn’t actually want to commit suicide, but eventually I caved. It seemed I had no choice, like this was the way it had to be to make everything right. THen three things got in my way- the hotel I had planned to stay at was unexpectedly shut; my boyfriend broke up with me on that same day; and a friend kept ringing me (who unbeknownst to me had phoned my doctor to get me sectioned).
    The worst bit was phoning my dad the morning I planned to commit suicide and talking about radiators-he had no idea I was trying to say goodbye. The next worst bit was seeing the doctor-I needed two friends to march me there before I would go in! However, I am now so grateful that they did.

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